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What you do to the world, you do to yourself.
Your success is directly related to the shape and orientation of your environment.
Everything is interconnected in a constantly shifting balancing act whose goal is ideal harmony.


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Please feel free to browse our archive of articles. These articles are a wonderful introduction to the science of Vastu.

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Review our archived newsletters:

Winter 2007

  • How Can Vastu Benefit You? – Discover how sacred wisdom written in ancient Indian texts can help you eliminate stress and maintain more balance in your life today.
  • Introducing The American Institute of Vastu – Learn how you can employ the art of Vastu Shastra for fun and profit with a brand new series of courses.

Fall 2006:

  • New Fine-Tuning Tools for Fall – These tools are a must-have for anyone who wants to live a more balanced and fulfilled life.
  • New Awards! Events & Appointments – National Literary Awards for both our books! Altars of Power and Grace and The Way of Vastu were both honored this summer...
  • Vastu Training Begins in 2007! – We will be offering an introductory Vastu course and Vastu Practitioners Certification Training course after the first of the year.

Summer 2006

  • Create Harmony and Balance in Your Home and Work Space – fine-tuning tips and tools to infuse your home with balance and harmony.
  • The Vastu Blessing CD: Bring the Blessings of Nature into Your Life – Use in your home or office to balance the five elements, reducing environmental stress, and aiding in energizing directional yantras.
  • Enliven Your Environment with Space Clearing – Experience more health, happiness, and prosperity with Space Clearing which purifies the environment and infuses it with new possibility.
  • Summer and Beyond...Events,Appointments, Booksignings and More! – Follow the Mastro's tour schedule to catch them in print, on the radio, and in person nationwide.

March-April 2006

  • Keep on top of the clutter – Discover how clutter is like a log jam in blocking the energy in your home or office.
  • Newspaper Article and Book Review – Read the latest news and reviews of The Way of Vastu.
  • Upcoming Tour Schedule and Interviews – Keep up with the Mastro's busy schedule.
  • Quick Links – Find important information on our website.

January-February 2006

  • See Your Cup as Half Full – The key to living an abundant and full life.
  • Set the Stage for Prosperity in 2006 – 4 Steps to improved fiancial health, enhanced creativity, better sleep, and more energy.
  • Newspaper Article and Book Review – Read what the King County Journal says about Vastu Shastra and our book, The Way of Vastu.
  • Tour Schedule – Visit with the Mastro's on the road from Seattle to Los Angeles, from Hawaii to India, sharing their wisdom about Vastu Shastra.
  • Professional Training Course for Vastu Practitioners – Learn how to become a professional Vastu Shastra practitioner with this comprehensive new course.

November-December 2005

  • The Energy of Prosperity in the Season of Giving – How the Holiday spirit of giving can enrich the world.
  • Testimonials - The Power of Vastu – Learn how a simple change with Vastu guidance helped produce a sizable financial windfall and how a visit from a Vastu expert led to a house sale in one day!
  • Holiday Specials! – AltarWear jewelry and AltarKits on sale, plu free shipping on Altars of Power and Grace book
  • Tour Schedule Update – Be sure to follow the link to watch Michael & Robin Mastro on the Broadband Learning Channel.
  • Vastu Basics Workshop – Learn about the power of Vastu and how the directions and shape of your space influences your life.
  • An excerpt from The Way of Vastu...Gratitude is the Essence of Successful Living – The key to shifting toward abundance and prosperity and from which positive change springs.

September-October 2005

  • In the Spirit of Giving – Tips for raising your life energy and at the same time send comfort and support to the world.
  • NEW BOOK! The Way of Vastu ~ Creating Prosperity Through the Power of the Vedas – Explore how you relate to your physical world, through this easy-to-read, yet powerful book and discover what has been keeping you from connecting with the dynamic energy that fuels prosperity.
  • A Special Treat – Watch the Mastro's explain the science of Vastu Shastra on the Broadband Learning Channel.
  • Vastu Creations Special – Save on Vastu Blessing Trays.
  • Tour Schedule Update – Follow the Mastro's as they educate the world about Vastu Shastra.
  • Things That Make You Go Hmmm... – How does the science of Vastu Shastra explain the wealth and power of the United States?

July-August 2005

  • Are You Stressed Out? – Stress could be holding you back from experiencing vibrant health, success, and happiness. Discover these simple and easy adjustments which will make a world of difference in your life, your health and your ability to focus and concentrate in a very short time after these changes are made.
  • New Product – New cutting-edge tool protects you from electromagnetic stress caused by computers, wires, and lighting.
  • New Book – Introducing "The Way of Vastu ~ Creating Prosperity Through the Power of the Vedas".

May-June 2005

  • Gardening According to the Way of Vastu – Your garden is more than a place of beauty and enjoyment. Creating harmony in your garden can have an amazing effect on your family's health, happiness, and well-being.
  • Air Chimes Special – 25% off this wind chime which will add music to your garden.

March-April 2005:

  • Spring Cleaning With Vastu – Learn how clearing out clutter can boosting the positive energy of your space.

January-February 2005:

  • 7 Vastu Tips for the Bedroom – How to create a harmonious, stress-free environment in the one room in your house where you will spend more time than any other place.
  • Valentine's Day Special – Relationship necklace
  • 15% off Relationship Altar Kit

Winter 2004:

  • 3 Tips for the Holidays – 1. Make your family gatherings joyous, harmonious, stress-free celebrations through Vastu by balancing the 5 elements in your home. 2. Resolutions for a prosperous New Yearshould start with clearing the clutter in your home! 3. Give gifts that keep on giving.
  • See what Vastu tools attract prosperity and abundance.
  • Holiday Special: Buy any two items together and receive 15% off the retail price!

Fall 2004:

  • Seven Keys to Perfect Health – Learn simple ways to create balance and harmony in your life and reduce the added stress that can come with the change of the seasons.
  • Fall Special: Altar Kits - make creating altars easy to do!

Spring 2004:

  • Improve Your Relationships With Vastu – Understand how the balancing the five elements can create the beneficial energy to create more happiness and fulfillment.
  • The Story of a King and Three Maidens – A parable about relationships
  • Seven Keys To A Successful Relationship – Learn the steps to enhance your relationships
  • Spring Special: "Altars of Power & Grace" – Discount offer on this powerful new book!

Fall 2003 / Winter 2004:

  • Improving Your Bottom Line Through Vastu Shastra – Learn how the design of your home or office influences your financial success and more...
  • Tip of the Month – How to stimulate financial growth
  • A Story of a Monk – Gratitude: The key to success
  • Meet our clients and more...

Summer 2003:

  • Geopathic Stress is Harmful to Your Health – What is geopathic stress and how it can effect physical health
  • Tip of the Month: Getting Rid of Geopathic Stress is Easy – An easy-to-do technique for eliminating environmental stress

Spring 2003:

  • A Lesson From the Twin Towers – Building shapes have impact on your success and your life
  • Keys to Protect Your Investments and More – What to look for to protect your investments and secure your success
  • Buddha’s Design for Successful Living – Buddha’s prescription for success
  • And much more...

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