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Healing the stress and dis-ease in the microcosm of our bodies and homes also heals Mother Earth, the macrocosm.
Working together with nature brings success. Attempting to conquer or control it is an invitation to failure.
Vastu principles show how your environment can become a haven that attracts powerful support for your deepest connections with all that is sacred, life-affirming and enduring.


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Please feel free to browse our archive of articles. These articles are a wonderful introduction to the science of Vastu.

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Review our archived newsletters:

Winter 2007

  • How Can Vastu Benefit You? – Discover how sacred wisdom written in ancient Indian texts can help you eliminate stress and maintain more balance in your life today.
  • Introducing The American Institute of Vastu – Learn how you can employ the art of Vastu Shastra for fun and profit with a brand new series of courses.

Fall 2006:

  • New Fine-Tuning Tools for Fall – These tools are a must-have for anyone who wants to live a more balanced and fulfilled life.
  • New Awards! Events & Appointments – National Literary Awards for both our books! Altars of Power and Grace and The Way of Vastu were both honored this summer...
  • Vastu Training Begins in 2007! – We will be offering an introductory Vastu course and Vastu Practitioners Certification Training course after the first of the year.

Summer 2006

  • Create Harmony and Balance in Your Home and Work Space – fine-tuning tips and tools to infuse your home with balance and harmony.
  • The Vastu Blessing CD: Bring the Blessings of Nature into Your Life – Use in your home or office to balance the five elements, reducing environmental stress, and aiding in energizing directional yantras.
  • Enliven Your Environment with Space Clearing – Experience more health, happiness, and prosperity with Space Clearing which purifies the environment and infuses it with new possibility.
  • Summer and Beyond...Events,Appointments, Booksignings and More! – Follow the Mastro's tour schedule to catch them in print, on the radio, and in person nationwide.

March-April 2006

  • Keep on top of the clutter – Discover how clutter is like a log jam in blocking the energy in your home or office.
  • Newspaper Article and Book Review – Read the latest news and reviews of The Way of Vastu.
  • Upcoming Tour Schedule and Interviews – Keep up with the Mastro's busy schedule.
  • Quick Links – Find important information on our website.

January-February 2006

  • See Your Cup as Half Full – The key to living an abundant and full life.
  • Set the Stage for Prosperity in 2006 – 4 Steps to improved fiancial health, enhanced creativity, better sleep, and more energy.
  • Newspaper Article and Book Review – Read what the King County Journal says about Vastu Shastra and our book, The Way of Vastu.
  • Tour Schedule – Visit with the Mastro's on the road from Seattle to Los Angeles, from Hawaii to India, sharing their wisdom about Vastu Shastra.
  • Professional Training Course for Vastu Practitioners – Learn how to become a professional Vastu Shastra practitioner with this comprehensive new course.

November-December 2005

  • The Energy of Prosperity in the Season of Giving – How the Holiday spirit of giving can enrich the world.
  • Testimonials - The Power of Vastu – Learn how a simple change with Vastu guidance helped produce a sizable financial windfall and how a visit from a Vastu expert led to a house sale in one day!
  • Holiday Specials! – AltarWear jewelry and AltarKits on sale, plu free shipping on Altars of Power and Grace book
  • Tour Schedule Update – Be sure to follow the link to watch Michael & Robin Mastro on the Broadband Learning Channel.
  • Vastu Basics Workshop – Learn about the power of Vastu and how the directions and shape of your space influences your life.
  • An excerpt from The Way of Vastu...Gratitude is the Essence of Successful Living – The key to shifting toward abundance and prosperity and from which positive change springs.

September-October 2005

  • In the Spirit of Giving – Tips for raising your life energy and at the same time send comfort and support to the world.
  • NEW BOOK! The Way of Vastu ~ Creating Prosperity Through the Power of the Vedas – Explore how you relate to your physical world, through this easy-to-read, yet powerful book and discover what has been keeping you from connecting with the dynamic energy that fuels prosperity.
  • A Special Treat – Watch the Mastro's explain the science of Vastu Shastra on the Broadband Learning Channel.
  • Vastu Creations Special – Save on Vastu Blessing Trays.
  • Tour Schedule Update – Follow the Mastro's as they educate the world about Vastu Shastra.
  • Things That Make You Go Hmmm... – How does the science of Vastu Shastra explain the wealth and power of the United States?

July-August 2005

  • Are You Stressed Out? – Stress could be holding you back from experiencing vibrant health, success, and happiness. Discover these simple and easy adjustments which will make a world of difference in your life, your health and your ability to focus and concentrate in a very short time after these changes are made.
  • New Product – New cutting-edge tool protects you from electromagnetic stress caused by computers, wires, and lighting.
  • New Book – Introducing "The Way of Vastu ~ Creating Prosperity Through the Power of the Vedas".

May-June 2005

  • Gardening According to the Way of Vastu – Your garden is more than a place of beauty and enjoyment. Creating harmony in your garden can have an amazing effect on your family's health, happiness, and well-being.
  • Air Chimes Special – 25% off this wind chime which will add music to your garden.

March-April 2005:

  • Spring Cleaning With Vastu – Learn how clearing out clutter can boosting the positive energy of your space.

January-February 2005:

  • 7 Vastu Tips for the Bedroom – How to create a harmonious, stress-free environment in the one room in your house where you will spend more time than any other place.
  • Valentine's Day Special – Relationship necklace
  • 15% off Relationship Altar Kit

Winter 2004:

  • 3 Tips for the Holidays – 1. Make your family gatherings joyous, harmonious, stress-free celebrations through Vastu by balancing the 5 elements in your home. 2. Resolutions for a prosperous New Yearshould start with clearing the clutter in your home! 3. Give gifts that keep on giving.
  • See what Vastu tools attract prosperity and abundance.
  • Holiday Special: Buy any two items together and receive 15% off the retail price!

Fall 2004:

  • Seven Keys to Perfect Health – Learn simple ways to create balance and harmony in your life and reduce the added stress that can come with the change of the seasons.
  • Fall Special: Altar Kits - make creating altars easy to do!

Spring 2004:

  • Improve Your Relationships With Vastu – Understand how the balancing the five elements can create the beneficial energy to create more happiness and fulfillment.
  • The Story of a King and Three Maidens – A parable about relationships
  • Seven Keys To A Successful Relationship – Learn the steps to enhance your relationships
  • Spring Special: "Altars of Power & Grace" – Discount offer on this powerful new book!

Fall 2003 / Winter 2004:

  • Improving Your Bottom Line Through Vastu Shastra – Learn how the design of your home or office influences your financial success and more...
  • Tip of the Month – How to stimulate financial growth
  • A Story of a Monk – Gratitude: The key to success
  • Meet our clients and more...

Summer 2003:

  • Geopathic Stress is Harmful to Your Health – What is geopathic stress and how it can effect physical health
  • Tip of the Month: Getting Rid of Geopathic Stress is Easy – An easy-to-do technique for eliminating environmental stress

Spring 2003:

  • A Lesson From the Twin Towers – Building shapes have impact on your success and your life
  • Keys to Protect Your Investments and More – What to look for to protect your investments and secure your success
  • Buddha’s Design for Successful Living – Buddha’s prescription for success
  • And much more...

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