Lesson Five: The Relationship Altar 

Your Connection to the Divine

There is nothing more important in the world than love. Love is the nectar that sustains and nurtures us. It is the sweetness and joy that comes from a heart filled with lightness and appreciation. Within each of us is the essence of love. Sometimes you see it when you look into the eyes of babies or young children. It is as if they open their hearts to you in recognition. Other times it appears as a radiant light glowing in the eyes of the elderly. They may have learned from a lifetime of happiness and sorrow that within each moment is the opportunity to celebrate love. In those special moments, know that the spark you see in others is also within you. At your very core, love is all you are.

To feel love and be loved is a sincere blessing. What does love mean to you? Is it a deeper relationship with yourself or perhaps a feeling of a strong connection with the grace and power of universal acceptance? Maybe what love means to you is giving your heart to another and having it genuinely received with acceptance. It might mean diving into unknown depths of tenderness and allowing yourself to surrender in an already existing relationship. Whatever form of love you wish to enhance or manifest in your life, a Relationship Altar will be your ally in supporting your heart’s desires and help you cultivate a deeper understanding of who you are.

A Heart’s Longing

Jerri had a great life, good friends, a wonderful job that fulfilled her desire for creative work, and opportunity for advancement. Her family was proud of her, her life was full, yet her love life lacked luster. Inside her heart she knew she was ready for a mate. Being a warm and happy person, she had several male friends but she wanted something deeper and she knew now was the right time.

When we spoke to her initially, we asked Jerri to describe a normal day and a normal week in her life. Next we asked her to step back and view her life as if it were somebody else’s. What could she tell us about her life when looking at it from a different perspective? From this new perspective she realized there seemed to be no room for anything out of the ordinary to occur. Her life was a routine: get up, go to work, pick up groceries, do laundry, go to the gym, grab dinner out, go to a movie with friends, watch TV, or shop.

Jerri realized from this exercise that she lived a very predictable life, and had no space for new possibilities. Every day was a routine that was comfortable and guaranteed that she would continue to feel success and pride in her work and life. But, it wasn’t enough for her heart, and she realized that in order to create a relationship that touched her deeply, she would need to risk some of the certainty and let down a few of her walls.

She was given a list of items that could be used on a Relationship Altar. Jerri spent the next few days during her lunch hour looking through a few stores in town. There she found some wonderful pieces to place on her altar. She also looked in her storage room and on the shelves of her curio cabinet for additional mementos. She placed these items in their appropriate positions and invited us over to look at her creation and to instruct her on how to ignite the altar.

She had set the altar up in her study on a small table in the northwest area. First, she used a beautiful brocade cloth from India to define the area and then began creating her altar with her new purchases and treasured family pieces. For her air element in the northwest, she used a small, standing wind chime with a heart symbol on it to represent the love that she felt inside. She was ready for that love to resonate in the world and attract a mate. She added a beautiful cut crystal vase in the northeast with fragrant blue lilacs in it, a scent she loved. Her fire element in the southeast was a small blue candle in a porcelain dish and her earth element was a heart frame. Within the frame she chose a picture of Radha and Krishna, whose legend of love has been recounted throughout the ages. For her personal symbol, she added a statue of Parvati, the Mother Goddess, to remind her of the purity of her intention. She placed the statue on a beautiful blue velvet box - a family heirloom. Upon a small glass plate she used for her offering tray, she added a bright yellow seashell in the shape of a heart, an Angel Card with the word love printed on in, some blue crystals, and blue lace agate beads as decoration. Her altar turned out to be a wonderful expression of beauty and love. She prayed in front of it daily, remembering the importance of taking time to create an ongoing dialogue with the divine to help support her intention.

We heard from Jerri a few months later and it seemed that her life had definitely taken a positive turn. She had begun seeing a nice young man, a friend of a business associate. She said that over their first dinner she had felt something stirring inside that definitely caught her attention. That feeling had continued to grow and her heart now felt tender and so very much alive. The deep yearning for something more, the ritual of creating the Relationship Altar, and offering the divine her heart’s desires had opened her to the love she longed for. She was beginning a new journey filled with gratitude and joy.


The Placement for the Relationship Altar


Air: Small standing wind chimes placed in the far right (northwest) quadrant of the altar.

Water: A cut crystal vase with lilacs in the right front corner (northeast) of the altar. 

Earth: A picture of Radha and Krishna in a gold frame, signifying devotional love placed in the far left (southwest) quadrant of the altar.

Fire: Blue candle placed in a blue and white porcelain dish in the front left (southeast) sector.

Personal symbol: A statue of Pavarti, the Mother Goddess, who symbolizes goodness, purity, power and strength, is added in the center/rear of the altar. She represents Shakti, which is the supreme feminine energy, or female power.

Offering tray: A small glass plate with a yellow heart seashell, an Angel Card, blue crystals and blue lace agate beads is added in the center/front of the altar.

Additional items: A blue velvet box that Pavarti, the Mother Goddess, is standing upon.

Relationship Altar Layout

Suggested Items for Your Relationship Altar

• Remember to have the area you are using to place your altar on clean from dust or dirt. The Relationship Altar is placed in the northwest area of your home or office, on a windowsill, wall, table, or other surfaces. Place it on a north wall, which will support the concentration and focus you need for success.

• Use a compass to make sure your altar is in the proper location.

• The colors of yellow and blue should be represented in some of the pieces of the altar.

• For the air element in the northwest you can use chimes, feathers, incense, a bird figurine, an angel, fan, etc.

• To energize your altar, hang a 20mm blue crystal on a red string in increments of nine inches above the offering tray.

• The water element in the northeast could be a cup or bowl of water or a vase in one of the altar colors. The water needs to be visible, so if it is in a vase, make sure that it is translucent or clear. You can add fresh or silk flowers to the vase, as well.

• As the symbol for the earth element in the southwest, you could use a crystal or stones like blue lace agate, or pearls. Even a green plant or one with yellow or blue flowers would do nicely, for example, an African Violet.

• A candle in the southeast would be a good choice for the fire element. If you like to add a fragrance, look for one with ylang-ylang. You can also use an oil lamp. Look for one that is possibly silver in color.

• The offering tray can be in colors of yellow or blue, or made of silver-colored metal, or clear glass; whatever you use, have it be a complementary addition to your altar.

• Your personal symbol, in the center of the altar behind the offering tray, might be a statue of Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion and mercy. You could also use a statue of Krishna, who exemplifies loving relationships. Besides using a statue, you can create a collage that evokes the experience you would like. It can be made of old photographs or even magazine clippings whose words, symbols, and pictures of people inspire you. You can also add inspiring symbols to the collage. When you’re finished, it can be framed in a silver-colored metal frame.

• If this altar is to encourage a new partner relationship or to enhance an existing one, add items in pairs. Two fish, two doves, two hearts, etc., are symbolic of successful relationships.


• The most important thing you can add to your altar is the element of beauty...when you look at it, you should love how it looks and feels to you, so make sure it touches your heart. Appreciation and love feed the altar and energizes your highest aspirations and most powerful dreams.

• For a boost of cosmic energy, add a Moon Yantra to your offering tray to encourage an abundance of love. You can also add an appropriate Angel Card® or any other symbol, including gems or necklaces, of the correct corresponding colors to infuse your altar with energy. You can take a screen shot of this yellow and blue symbol and print it out. You'll be learning more about yantras in the next lesson.

Moon Mantra

Activation Ceremony: Attracting Successful Relationships

For a powerful boost of energy for your altar, you can use the Energy Ball Technique that was presented by Robin in the video for this lesson. You can also ignite your altar with the yantra of the influential planet that corresponds to the energies of the northwest, which is the moon. The Moon Yantra and its accompanying mantra support success in relationships and the stability of the mind. Once you have print it, cut it out of the paper and use it to ignite your Relationship Altar.

Moon Yantra Activation

• Stand or kneel in front of your altar. 

• Light any candle or incense that is on your altar. If you have bells or chimes on your altar, ring them to purify the energy in the environment. The sound of bells eliminates stress and illuminates the present moment.

• Holding the Moon Yantra in your right hand, take ten to twelve long, slow, deep breaths in and out through the nose. 

• Experience the feeling of having what you desire. Do not focus on specifics, just feelings such as happiness, a sense of peace, fulfillment, love, etc.

• Place the yantra on the offering tray.

• Using your right hand, extend the small (pinky) finger and your index finger, folding the two middle fingers in against your palm. Place your thumb over the top of these two fingers to hold them in place.


Moon Mantra

• With your hand in the above mudra, facing the altar, move your arm forward and back nine times. Note: This hand position is the mudra of intention.

• Each time you extend your arm toward your altar you will say the following mantra with passion and intensity:

Mantra: Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Namaha

Phonetic pronunciation: Om Na-mo Ba-ga-va-tay Va-su-day-vai-ya Na-ma-ha

*** Here's the audio of the mantra...

• Once you have completed this process, your altar is ignited.

• Remember to feed your altar with your love and appreciation. Doing so will positively influence the results you will have.

Trust in Faith and Remain Open

Loving support for your dreams and desires surrounds you. It is only through asking for what you want that the fulfillment of your heart’s longings can ever be answered. What it takes is trust in the process you are undertaking, faith that you will be assisted along the way, and the willingness to remain open. The true magic begins when you reach out to the loving arms of the Unseen.

Homework Assignment: Once the altar is ignited it is alive with the energy of your intention. For it to work optimally, spend time each morning in front of your altar either in meditation, doing breathing exercises, yoga, prayer, journaling, or whatever you do that feeds your soul. Just do it daily, that’s the most important thing for you to experience results. Keep a journal of daily occurrences that begin to show up. By acknowledging even the small changes that appear in your life - a smile from an attractive person, an interesting conversation, a phone call from someone unexpected, but intriguing – and having gratitude each time they show up, you’re fanning the flames of possibility and encouraging more. Stay open and ready for what is yet to appear!

In the next lesson, you will be introduced to yantras, powerful symbols infused with sounds, or mantras, to continue your journey towards fulfillment in love and prosperity.

* * *


The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love 

and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover for you the world is transformed.

            ~J. Krishnamurti

Moon Mantra