Lesson Six: Enliven Your Heart’s Desires through Mantras & Sacred Symbols

Yantras and mantras are transformative balancing tools used to bring harmony into your life and enliven the support of nature. Yantras have specific, geometric designs that make up the visible energetic form of a mantra. Mantras, which can be thought of as the invisible driving force of your intention, are subtle sounds that move energy through vibratory frequencies within the body and through the subtle fields within the environment where the process of transformation begins. Yantras can be thought of as the visible means by which those frequencies are emitted. Sound, having the power to create form, is quite potent, but form that reveals sound is equally powerful. Applied together with your intention for lasting love and a grounded sense of prosperity, sound and form can create miracles.

Using yantras and mantras as part of your daily practice can also ward off the effects of negative influences created by a compromised astrological chart. What’s interesting to note here is that your astrological chart is actually reflected in your physical surroundings. A seasoned Vastu consultant can look at the floor plan of your home and know instantly what your challenges are and how they related to your astrological chart, because no matter where you have decided to live, the floor plan of your home mirrors the areas of challenges you experience in your life. It might seem far-fetched, but over the many years we’ve been Vastu practitioners, this has shown up as the way things are. Your home can be seen as a direct reflection of your destiny. It is as if you are attracted to those issues that you are here to learn, and this effect is reinforced by your home surroundings. Through the work you’ll do in this lesson with the specific mantras and yantras—that will help you attract love, remove the obstacles that have disabled your dreams from coming to life, and support your prosperity—you will find how powerful they can be in creating the positive change you desire.

Planting the Seed - The Story of a King and Three Maidens

A king was trying to choose between three maidens to be his wife and queen. It was a very difficult to judge since all three women were very intelligent and beautiful. He gave each of the women a bag of seeds and told them he was going on a pilgrimage for one year. When he returned each of them were to give the seeds back to him. Whomever protected the seeds the best would become his wife.
The first maiden locked them in a safe to protect them. The second maiden sold the seeds at the market, thinking she would purchase new seeds when the king returned. The third maiden spread the seeds in the garden. When the king returned the first maiden pulled the seeds from the safe where they had died due lack of light, water and air. The second maiden rushed to the market, purchased new seeds, and presented them to the king. The king said that although they were alive they were not the same seeds. The third maiden brought him into the garden where there were many flowers blooming. She told the king the flowers were from the seeds he had given her. The king said to the maiden that she would be his wife because she understood that a seed, like love, should be treated with care, tended with kindness and allowed room to grow for it to become strong and beautiful.










Your heart’s desires are like seeds and need the proper environment to grow. Success occurs best when the five elements are in balance. A seed will die if there is too much or too little water, air, light, earth, and space to grow. Just as a seed needs this balance in life to flourish, we also need proper balance of the five elements within our lives and homes to create, maintain, and nurture lasting positive change.

Mantras - Sacred Sounds that Encourage Transformation

Sound is the foundational core of everything in our universe, that which we can physically see as well as that which is not seen. It is the universal essence of the five elements. The word mantra is an ancient word that combines two syllables: man (meaning mind) and tra (meaning deliverance). Chanting mantras is way to deliver you from destructive mental habits and the bondage of predetermined life circumstances, or karma. Chanting mantras helps focus the mind when you feel scattered. They also balance your energy field and uplift your spirits.

What’s important to remember is that there is more going on within you than just your ordinary perception of your body; you are an energetic field of electromagnetic vibrations.

Have you ever noticed when you are unhappy or feel depressed, that you feel heavy, almost weighted down? When you feel this way for any period of time it affects your energy and it can be hard to change. One reason for this is that your thoughts are vibrations: What you think, you become. If the influences of disappointment, lack, or stress are predominant in your energetic field, you will continue to attract experiences and situations that support these negative thought vibrations. It’s as if the negative frequencies become strengthened when they go unchecked and you attract more of the same. Chanting mantras regularly will override and absorb the effects of these negative beliefs. Ultimately, the mantra will produce a state that supports your body to vibrate at a rate completely in tune with the positive energy contained within the mantra. This is so important to know: Through chanting mantras daily, your life will begin to transform. The wonderful thing about mantras is that you can feel their positive affect almost immediately as a feeling of expansion and peace.

Yantras for Lasting Love and Prosperity


Here are four yantras (one – the Moon Yantra –was introduced in Chapter 5) that you can use on your Relationship Altar for this practice. These four are wonderful for the purpose of encouraging both love and prosperity, which are truly the outcome of harmonious living.


Note: We say "encourage" because we are not forcing something into being here. As you put Vastu techniques into practice, you will understand more deeply the principle of attraction. You are not grabbing hold of, chasing, or forcing something to happen. That really never brings the outcome you desire anyway. More and more you’ll notice that you have unlimited support flowing to you from the universal source and that you don’t have to make yourself crazy trying to "make something happen".

You can take a screen shot and print the first two yantras - the Moon Yantra and the Venus. The last two yantras, the Ganesh Yantra and the Abundance Yantra, are available for purchase at https://www.vastucreations.com/products. These are copper yantras.

Moon Yantra

The Moon Yantra and its accompanying mantra support success in relationships and the stability of the mind. It supports the fulfillment of your heart’s desires and aids in successful communication. We’ve already introduced you to the Moon Yantra and corresponding mantra in Chapter Five.







                                                                                  Moon Yantra


Mantra: Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudeyvaya Namaha

Phonetic Pronunciation: Om Na-mo Ba-ga-va-tay Va-su-day-vai-ya Na-ma-ha

*** To listen to an audio of the mantra, click here > 

Venus Yantra

The Venus Yantra bestows respect, love, and peace of mind. It is associated with fire, passion, love and attraction, including sexual energy – all absolutely essential for relationships.






                                                                                  Venus Yantra


Mantra: Om Namo Bhagavate Parasuramaya Namaha

Phonetic Pronunciation: Om Na-mo Ba-ga-va-tay Para-sura-mai-ya Na-ma-ha

*** To listen to an audio of the mantra, click here 

Ganesh Yantra

Moon Mantra
Venus Mantra

A Ganesh Yantra, also known as the Prosperity and Removal of Obstacles Yantra, will not only assist in removing obstacles, it eliminates resistance to your endeavours, and brings prosperity, success, and advancement. It can be placed on any altar for a boost of positive energy. Invoking the power and support of Ganesh creates positive assistance for all your dreams and aspirations.

Click here to purchase the Ganesh Yantra


Mantra: Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha

Phonetic: Om Gung (like “rung”) Gana-paht-ta-yay Na-ma-ha

*** To listen to an audio of the mantra, click here

The Abundance Yantra 


The Shree Lakshmi Yantra, or Abundance Yantra, contains all five elements in perfect balance. The ancient sages of India spoke of Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, peace, beauty, and harmony. Through her wisdom and power, she supports you in transcending all earthly and spiritual limitations.

Click here to purchase the Abundance Yantra

Mantra: Om Mahalakshmaya Namaha

Phonetic Spelling: Om Ma-ha-lahk-shmah-ya Na-ma-ha

*** To listen to an audio of the mantra, click here


Your Mantra and Yantra Practice 

Please choose one or two yantras and dedicate yourself to work with them for a period of time (40 days is best) before replacing them with other yantras. Other yantras can be placed on your altar, but only place the yantras you are working with within your offering tray.

Chant a mantra 108 times daily as part of a spiritual practice. If you have two mantras and yantras you are using for this practice, complete chanting one mantra before beginning the next. You may use a mala necklace to keep count (more information below). You may chant this mantra with eyes open while gazing at the yantra, or with eyes closed. Chant this mantra out loud 108 times, or chant it once out loud and then chant the rest within your mind. If you chant mantras within the mind, drop the Om. As mentioned before, its effect is different when chanted internally.

Mantra Bead Necklace

To make the process of chanting mantras easier, we suggest you use a mala, which is a necklace containing 108 beads. Holding the necklace in your hand between the thumb and fingers, find a comfortable way to progress from one bead to the next after each mantra is chanted. This chanting fills the environment, your consciousness, and the beads themselves with the energy of the mantras you are chanting. If you use a mala made of precious or semi-precious stone, seed, wood, or coral, it will absorb the mantra’s vibration and transfer that energy to your body as you wear it, so we suggest wearing your necklace during the day.

Ganesh Mantra
Abundance Mantra

Our favorite mantra bead necklace is made of sandalwood. We like the way it balances the energy in the body and it’s fairly inexpensive. Be sure to take any mantra necklace off before showering, using the bathroom, or going to bed.

Incorporating Mantras into Your Daily Life

Mantras should be treated with respect. You are enlivening the qualities of the divine through the chanting of sacred sound and creating a relationship with it. It’s as if you have powerful friends in high places exerting a significant positive influence on your life. If you honor and respect this practice, you will reap great benefits from it. We suggest you do your chanting in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, preferably in front of your altar. Begin each set of mantras by taking a deep cleansing breath in and out through the nose.

Instilling a practice of chanting into your daily schedule is easy to do, and can be extremely uplifting and transformative. As you chant, infuse your practice with intention. As you focus your awareness on doing your practice, in your mind’s eye, see your life becoming happier, easier, and effortless. Placing your intention on how you would like to feel, along with your commitment to creating positive change in your life, will yield remarkable results.

Note: All the above yantras in copper and sandalwood mala bead necklaces are available on our website at https://www.vastucreations.com/products.



Making a habit of anything takes a period of commitment, of course, and we’ve observed that doing something for 40 days without stopping will turn it into a habit. To develop the habit of chanting, it’s best to do the practice every day. For the 40-day regime to be effective, you need to be consistent with your commitment, so if you miss a day, simply begin the 40 days and start again. Your dedication and sustained effort will most definitely bear fruit for you and positive results will begin to appear, as if out of nowhere. Keep a journal and note what develops from adding this practice in your life.

In the next lesson, you will be introduced to the power of the Full Moon Altar for Abundance. It will have a powerful influence on your ongoing prosperity.

                                                                                                    * * *


One of the attributes of love, like art, is to bring harmony and order out of chaos,

to introduce meaning and affect where before there was none,

to give rhythmic variations, highs, and lows

to a landscape that was previously flat.

~ Molly Haskell

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