Lesson Eight: Your Daily Practice: An Action Plan for Manifesting Love & Prosperity Everyday

To experience the total benefit of any new practice, setting up an action plan helps you stay focused on your intention. How will you know if something works unless you do it? To reap the rewards of this practice make a commitment to yourself to follow the action plan presented in this chapter for a period of 40 days. If you miss a day, start over. The affects are cumulative and it is important to be consistent as you are building the energy for positive change. Also, behavioral scientists have reported it takes that much time to create a habit, good or bad.

With this action plan you are opening to new energy and space within for love and prosperity to take hold. You are also discarding the old, outworn thoughts, attitudes, and actions that may have become the status quo. You are choosing to embrace your growth and movement towards the life you were meant to live. We have all experienced periods in our lives when the predictability of our day has brought us comfort and ease, but when the soul’s desire for growth and change is felt, it is difficult to deny it for very long.

The more you resist growth and change, the more you may find yourself feeling disappointment or frustration. Many people do. But, when you finally admit it is time to change the way you look at yourself, or the way you live your life, you can just let go. Just try this: Breathe in and open your heart in humility and surrender, and ask for help. Just say now, “I am ready for your help and I am open and willing to receive your support.” When you are ready to transform your life and take the steps towards doing it, the universe rushes in to support you. The divine is just waiting for you to take the first step in its direction.

Where God Lives

God was becoming disturbed in heaven listening to the prayers of man, so he decided to come to earth and talk to a very wise and venerable monk who lived in a cave deep in the Himalayas. He found the monk walking up the hillside to his cave after bathing in the sacred Ganges. God approached the monk who recognized Him immediately.

“Good day, dear Master.” Said the monk as he bowed to the blinding light he saw in front of him. “What a surprise and great honor to see you here! Is it my time now for you to take me to heaven?”

“No, no, no!” God replied to the venerable monk. “I am here to ask for your advice, for I know you to be a wise and thoughtful sage who has removed himself from the world, yet one who has seen how the minds of men work. I need your council on a very pressing matter.”

The monk was surprised. “Whatever council I can give you Master is yours for the taking. Please let me know how I can help.” And the monk waited for God’s request.

“The mind’s of men are filled with requests for small and petty things.” God began. “They ask me to heal their broken toes, fix their unhappy relationships, and make them wealthy. Each one of them has been made in my image, yet they do not believe in the power that I have given them. I am tired of being pestered and I want to be left alone, but where will I hide?”

And the monk replied, without hesitation, “ Hide in the hearts of mankind. They will never look there.”

God smiled. He knew this was a good hiding place since man rarely looked within.


Keeping Your Attention on Your Intention

We urge you to consider that as you breathe new energy into your home and into your life through these practices to remember that nothing here is to be forced. There is not one practice presented here that uses your will to force change to occur. This is not the energy of attraction needed to create a life filled with love, peace, harmony, and prosperity. You have more than enough power to manifest all your heart’s desires from a place of love, surrender, and grace. If you find yourself beginning to force or effort, come back to your center. Stop, breathe, and let go. Remember you are not the doer here. You are no longer alone. You are working with the support of energies that are far more capable than yours alone. See it as a partnership. When you take the time daily to purify, focus, and align the energy within you to receive more love and opportunity from the unlimited support of nature, your dreams will be realized.

We believe it is important to stay attentive to what you want by keeping your attention on your intention. There is a very specific, yogic way to do this. There is no effort involved. The key here is gentle awareness. Imagine the energy of intention having a form – a feather or even a butterfly – very delicate and easily affected by too much pressure. This is how to focus your intention every time your awareness is placed upon what it is you desire. As we have said, your desire does not come from willing or forcing it into existence, it needs to be tended to and nurtured with gentleness and a surrendered heart. Your desires are nurtured into the physical realm through what Buddhists have called lovingkindness. Be compassionate and kind to yourself and trust you are supported by all the practices we have shared with you. Your desire for lasting fulfillment will come to you in its proper time.

Your 40-Day Power Plan for Fulfillment 

Here is your action plan for manifesting lasting love and prosperity. As you clear out the old, honor the new, feed your soul with new energy, your life will begin to shift and change in wonderful ways. We suggest keeping a journal of your journey from the head to the heart. It is an adventure that will bring you peace, contentment, and fulfillment. We have broken the action plan into daily, weekly, and monthly practices and activities. Being consistent with this practice is important to get results. There is a new frequency on the planet, one that will support you to access these universal energies for personal growth with more grace and ease than ever before.


• First thing in the morning: shower 

• Do some stretching like yoga or any light movement. If you don’t have a morning stretching or yoga practice, there are many DVDs and books to assist you. Five or ten minutes will bring you gentle energy that will nurture and nourish your nervous system throughout the day

• In front of your Relationship Altar, sit comfortably with spine erect and do the pranayama exercise – nine rounds – as presented in Chapter 4 followed by...

• Meditation – either do the 5 Element Meditation or one of your own choosing. If you don’t have a meditation practice and would like to learn, there are a few we recommend in our book, Making Room for Mr. Right

• After you have finished the meditation, using your Mantra Necklace, chant 108 repetitions of the either one or two mantras associated with your chosen yantra(s). Go through 108 repetitions of one mantra before beginning another. Do this practice to only two yantras maximum per 40 days. These corresponding yantra(s) should be on placed the offering tray on your altar. The process of using your Mantra Necklace (known as a mala in India) for chanting is called japa (a meditative repetition of a mantra)

Optional: Wear your beads as a necklace. They carry with them the energy of attraction for relationships and/or prosperity through the chanting you do

• Mantra for the day: Go out into the world with an attitude of gratitude. See every challenge as an opportunity for growth. Doing so keeps the energy moving upward and lifts your spirits

• Take 10 -20 minutes daily and clear some clutter. This can be done anytime during the day or evening. Take a drawer or a cabinet and organize it. Toss out or give away what you don’t need, use, or want

• If you wear the Mantra Bead Necklace during the day, before bed, place the necklace on your Relationship Altar in the offering tray to cleanse and recharge it for the next day. Do not wear your Mantra Bead Necklace to bed or in the shower


• Clear deeper clutter. Clean out larger areas of clutter. Organize your storage area, a closet, a bookcase, or office files. Clutter clearing is an on-going process. The more you do, the more energy will be freed up for you to experience more opportunity for grace to flow to you

• Sunday morning: Take everything off of your altar, clean it, place the items back in their proper place and re-ignite the altar using the technique presented in Lesson 5. Make sure the water is always fresh and, if you have cut flowers, make sure to remove them before they wilt. You want your flowers as alive as your dreams

Monthly, on the Full Moon:

• Check for geopathic stress inside the home. If you have a home with property, check the outside, as well

• Create a Full Moon Altar on every full moon and do the process for igniting it presented in Lesson 7. 

• If your Mantra Bead Necklace is made of crystal or gems, rinse your necklace in a pinch of sea salt and a cup of purified water, then lay them on a cloth on your Full Moon Altar to dry and be energized by the full moon

• If your Mantra Bead Necklace is made of sandalwood or Rudraksha beads (a berry from a tree in India said to hold spiritual energy), do not cleanse it with water. Just lay them on your Full Moon Altar to cleanse and recharge in the light of the moon

Lasting Love and Prosperity Grow through Service to Others

As love and the flow of prosperity grow within your life, seek opportunities that open your heart in the spirit of service to others. Through a generous spirit, doors to a more abundant life will continue to open to you. Have faith in yourself and the universe. The more you live your life in a way that is loving and joyful, honoring yourself and whom you are becoming, the easier it will be to tap into the endless stream of abundant energy that permeates this existence.

Through the practices we have presented you within this course, you have at your disposal powerful transformative tools that will serve you for a lifetime. Balancing the energy in your home, which is the heart of your life, and within your body, mind, and spirit will continue to bring many blessings into your life.

We are honored you have taken this journey and have made a commitment to yourself to fulfill your desire for love and a more prosperous life. We honor and applaud you for your courage and commitment. Your dedication not only uplifts you personally, but it is also a blessing to all sentient beings, everywhere. Namaste.

We would love to hear how this course influenced your life. Please click here to contact us. Thank you so much!

* * *

Furthermore, we have not even to risk the adventure alone; for the heroes of all time have gone before us; the labyrinth is thoroughly known; we have only to follow the thread of the hero-path. And where we had thought to find an abomination, we shall find a god; where we had thought to slay another, we shall slay ourselves; where we had thought to travel outward, we shall come to the center of our own existence; where we had thought to be alone, we shall be with all the world.

~Joseph Campbell

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