Lesson Three: Purify Your Home through

Sacred Ceremony

It is a blessing to honor your environment by performing a space clearing ceremony after clearing clutter and eliminating environmental stress. It is an acknowledgement of your gratitude to the divine for its continued support in your life, which we feel is essential. Truthfully, there is no limit to the abundance of the universe. If you want your reality to reflect your heart’s desires, you must clear the clutter not only in your physical surrounding, but the clutter of negative beliefs you may still hold.

Second, you must find within yourself a sense of gratitude for your life, exactly as it is, right now. Only then can the free flow of universal love and prosperity come pouring into your life.

Remember, clearing clutter, both physically and within your mind and heart, is an on-going process. You need only to begin and be consistent with your commitment to continue the process to reap the benefits from clearing what isn’t needed or necessary in your life. Its gift to you is the energy that becomes available to receive more of what is truly yours to have in this present moment, including lasting love and prosperity.

Gratitude is the Essence of Successful Living


A monk was on a pilgrimage and as night fell, came upon a village where he begged for lodging. Although it was quite cold outside, the villagers refused him shelter, so he took refuge under a cherry tree in the fields. He was so cold he could not sleep. After awhile, in that cold, spring night, he noticed the fully opened cherry blossoms laughing into the misty moonlight. Overcome with such beauty, he became grateful to the villagers for refusing him shelter.

At that moment he became fully enlightened.

Life is immense, and each moment comes bearing a thousand and one gifts. The instant that we accept with gratitude all that life brings, the mind relaxes and we feel the blessings that life has to offer. When the heart is full of gratitude, we perceive the gifts that greet us at every turn. We begin to understand that even when a door appears closed to us, it may actually be an opening for an even greater blessing to come.














We always advise our clients to take time and reflect on the meaning of gratitude in their lives. So often, like the monk in this story, we lose sight of the bigger picture before we grow in awareness. The ability to feel gratitude in your present circumstance, however meager it may initially appear, is the fertile ground from which positive change springs. The shift toward the greater prosperity, good health, more meaningful relationships, and success in life we all desire cannot occur within an ungrateful heart. Be positive, be patient, above all be grateful, and allow your future to unfold with ease.

Honor the Divine in All You Do ~ The Blessing Ceremony


For thousands of years, space clearing, or what we call blessing ceremonies, have been performed in temples, homes, and in nature to honor our intrinsic connection to the powerful influences of the elements, the planets, the moon, the stars, and the energy that directs our lives on Earth. Throughout the ages these ceremonies gave people a way to request balance and support from the divine in all their endeavors. People would begin at dawn, freshly bathed and dressed, to honor the benevolent forces of nature at work in their lives.

A blessing ceremony can be a wonderful way of giving thanks, of honoring yourself and the balance of the five elements you have created within your environment, and to request the continued support you wish to experience. It creates fertile ground to plant the seeds of your desires as you open yourself up to receive from the divine. Here’s how to do it:

The Offerings


Place items (listed below) representing the five elements on a small tray or other flat surface that can be carried in one hand while you are ringing a bell in the other.

• Lit sandalwood incense, or burning sage, enlivens the air element, purifying the environment with its fragrance. The air element ushers in movement, change, and attraction.

• A burning candle embodies the fire element. It symbolizes forward motion or progress, the illumination of your intention, and reflects the light of transformation.

• Purified water in a small bowl or cup signifies the water element, enlivening your spiritual and material growth. In each room, pour a few drops of water upon the floor as a symbol of your desire for support and expansion in these areas.

• To honor the grounding influence and supportive strength of the earth element, place a small bowl of uncooked rice on the offering tray and drop a few grains in each room. Without the support of the earth, your hopes, desires, and aspirations cannot come to fruition.

• To stimulate the space element, ring the bell in each room. The sound of bells creates a harmonious vibration to balance this element, which supports all manner of creative manifestation.

The Clearing

Walk through the rooms in a clockwise pattern beginning in the northwest and ending in the west. You will also enter each room and walk through it in a clockwise direction. Ring the bell, sprinkle a little water, let the candle and lit fragrance permeate the environment. Scatter some rice. Remember to have fun with this. It’s all about being open to new things, isn’t it? If you feel embarrassed or fearful, just know that there is nothing really to fear here. You are just blessing your home. By honoring yourself and your environment in this ceremony, you align yourself and your highest intention with the power of nature.

During your ceremony, chant the Vastu Purusha Mantra (below), an ancient blessing that honors and enlivens your home as a living, sacred organism. Chant slowly as you walk with purpose throughout the environment. This purification ceremony is a celebration of what you have created in your work by balancing the five elements. You’ll learn more about the power of mantras in the following chapters.

Vastu Purushaya Mantra

Mantra: Om Vastu Purushaya Namaha

Phonetic pronunciation: Om Va-stoo Pu-ru-shai-ya Na-ma-ha


Listen to this audio here:



Enliven Life-Force Energy

Once you have sanctified your home with the blessing ceremony, there are other powerful tools you can use for uplifting the energy at home. One of them is a fountain. Placing a fountain in the northeast area of a home or office will enhance the water element, circulating energy and stimulating peace and well-being. Using fountains at home, and even at work, enlivens the environment with prana, or life-force energy. It stimulates the production of negative ions, which supports the air element and produces the same effect in the nervous system you experience near a waterfall or at the ocean. Moving water also enhances creative thinking and calms and purifies the environment.

You can place a small tabletop fountain on your desk at home or work, or install a larger fountain outside in the northeast area near your house. If you have a fireplace in the northeast, by placing the fountain in front or near it you will eliminate its adverse effect. A fireplace in the northeast will “burn up” your resources and should not be used.

If you would rather not purchase a fountain, the next best thing is to place a bowl of water in the northeast. You can also hang a picture of a waterfall or water scene in this direction to stimulate the energy of calmness and peace.


Note: Water evaporates rather quickly with an indoor fountain. If you are traveling, or gone overnight for any reason, we suggest unplugging the fountain until you return.

Stimulate the Flow

Here are several ways to positively affect the flow of energy in your home and workspace. These tips will bring you additional Vastu benefits and are easy to integrate into your life. Consider adding one or two of these suggestions at a time and see if you can feel the difference in the overall energy within your body and your home.

Vastu Purushaya Mantra

• Lighter furniture should go in the north and east areas of a room

• Place heavier furniture in the south and west sector of a room

• If possible, keep the center of your rooms free of any furnishings to allow the circulation of energy to move freely

• Sit at your desk and face north when you pay bills or do financial transactions to receive the benefits from magnetic north that supports your prosperity

• When you need to think creatively or “outside the box,” face east at your desk or worktable to allow the positive solar energy to support you

• Move all furniture 4-6 inches away from walls so you will not absorb electromagnetic energies coming from the walls

• Sleep with your head to the south to receive deeper rest. Your body is like a magnet with the positive polarity in the head. Positive magnetic energy comes form the north. When you put two positive ends of a magnet together, they repel each other. If it is not possible to sleep with you head on a south wall, then sleep to the east or lastly, to the west. Never sleep with your head against a north wall. It is very disruptive to the health of the body

• Mirrors that reflect your image back to you while you are in bed should be removed or covered at night with a piece of silk

• For good digestion it is best to face north or east while eating

• Televisions and stereos should be placed in the southeast or northwest where the electrical energy has the least amount of negative impact to your physiology. Never have a television in the bedroom. It is a place for sleep and for intimacy.

Enhance Your Well-Being

Plants improve and purify the energy in your home or office. Larger, heavier plants need to go to the south and west to reinforce the earth element. Smaller lighter plants can be placed in the north and east areas of a room. Plants can be used near electrical equipment such as televisions, computers, and sound systems to absorb radiation. Use them to soften a protruding corner or column. Plants in a bathroom and the kitchen placed in the northeast or southwest areas of the room absorb pollutants and purify the environment. Basil, Peace Lilies, and Golden Pathos bring beneficial balance to any room where they are placed. On the other hand, according to the tenets of Vastu, a cactus is not recommended within a home as it produces a negative influence.

Homework Assignment: 


Follow the above procedure for blessing your home. What do you notice as soon as you compete the exercise? Sit a few minutes with your eyes closed and attune yourself to the new energy moving through your space. Do you feel it? Whenever you enter your home, take a moment at your front door once you enter and take a deep breath in and out. Imagine you are walking into the arms of your beloved and embrace the welcoming and loving presence. This simple act blesses not only you but the spirit of your home. It connects you to the divinity that resides within.

In the next lesson you will open to love and prosperity by balancing the body, mind, and spirit through the breath, meditation and some more wonderful Vastu suggestions. Below is one of our favorite quotes...enjoy!


* * *

Within the city of Brahman, which is the body,

there is the heart, and within the heart there is a little house.

This house has the shape of a lotus and within it dwells that which 
is to be sought after, inquired about, and realized.

What then, is that which, dwelling within this little house, this lotus of the heart,

is to be sought after, inquired about and realized? 
As large as the universe outside, even so large is the universe within the lotus of the heart.

Within it are heaven and earth, the sun, the moon, the lightning, and all the stars.

What is in the macrocosm is in this microcosm.

~Chandogya Upanishad

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