LESSON 1: Prepare Your Home for Love & Prosperity


We are so delighted you are taking this journey to create lasting love and prosperity in your life. Starting anything new takes energy and commitment, and we know that if you dedicate yourself to this course and make use of the information presented, you will reap many benefits. The knowledge this course comes from is powerful and enduring. It has proven to work for people for thousands of years. What is exciting is that it still works today. We are very pleased to share it here with you. Have fun with this course. You are embarking on a wonderful exploration of positive change and fulfillment.

Vastu is sacred knowledge. What is this knowledge?

Vastu is the sacred science of living in harmony with nature. It introduces you how to align your mind, body, spirit, and environment to attract your heart’s desires. Two of the major areas where most people desire support the most are their relationships and prosperity.

Vastu teaches you how to live a happier and more fulfilled life through eliminating the stress that surrounds you, simply and easily. It especially works wonders on your ability to draw in and maintain a loving supportive relationship and opportunities to live a more prosperous life.

Rather than seeking love through changing your physical appearance or adjusting your way of thinking, we offer you a kinder, gentler way to experience your life, one that is supportive to your essential nature, which, in truth will make you happier and will be much more fun. Vastu introduces you to wonderful tips and processes that easily and effortlessly bring a spirituality into your life to receive all that you’ve ever imagined in love and so much more. 

Vastu is impressive because it supports you in so many ways, and isn’t hard to learn.

You’ve probably had the experience of walking into a home or office and it just doesn’t feel quite right. There’s a reason for this. That feeling is the build-up of stress. Stress affects everything you think and feel. It has a huge impact on you experiencing love and fulfillment, too. We all have a certain amount of stress in our lives, but you don’t have to let it wreck havoc any longer. 

Once you’ve balanced your mind, body, and home your life will be a haven where love and prosperity naturally can grow. You will feel its affects immediately, which is really quite remarkable. Your life will be supported, stress will be reduced or entirely eliminated, and opportunities for happiness and success in all areas of your life will grow, including your relationships and your experience of what true prosperity can be. 

When Vastu principles are applied to you and your surroundings, they will alleviate stress, increase your productivity, improve your health, create more harmonious relationships, and opportunities will flow to you for career advancement and improved finances. 

A Story of A Mystic and a King...


Once a king brought a present to a great Sufi mystic, Farid. He brought a beautiful pair of golden scissors, very valuable and rare. Farid took them and gave them back to the king and said, “Sir, many thanks for the present you have brought. It is a beautiful thing, but utterly useless to me. It would be better if you gave me a needle.”

The king said, “I don’t understand.”

Farid replied, “Scissors cut things apart and needles put things together. I teach people to live in harmony with nature, to be one with the divine. Whenever you attempt to do whatever you do alone, separate from the whole, it doesn’t nourish your deeper desire for fulfillment and the entire flow of your life becomes disrupted. True, authentic success comes from being in union, in harmony, with the divine. Failure and disillusion come when you forget this connection and try to conquer or control it.”

Vastu suggests a variety of actions you can take to correct the parts of your life that are not in harmony with the ease and well-being you desire. These processes connect you to universal energy to effectively eliminate stress, struggle, and frustration. To understand how fulfillment manifests in you life, it is important to know how the five elements work from a Vastu perspective. From this perspective, the basis for creating the life you desire is the direct result of these five elements being in their proper balance.

The Five Elements ~ The Code of Life

The science of Vastu links our bodies (the microcosm) and the universe (the macrocosm) together with the five elements. We are all made of these elements, as is everything in the known world. The five elements are air, fire, water, earth, and space. According to Vastu, your life is a blueprint of the universe as seen through the five elements. Here is how the five elements relate to your body:


Space: Our bodies occupy space; the same space that brought forth the creation of the universe. This space is like the container that holds within it all possibility. It is from this space, this place of divine silence, that we energetically create our own personal reality. When the space element within our homes or within our bodies is disrupted, we experience obstacles. When it is in balance, we experience limitless potential. 

Air: Our lungs fill with air, or life force energy (known as prana in Sanskrit). Without it, there would be no life on earth. This air surrounds the earth in a blanket of protection and nurtures everything that lives within it. Without air, there would be no life. When this element is out of balance in our lives, we experience disharmony in all relationships, including our connection to ourselves. When the air element is in balance, our relationships flourish. 

Fire: Fire, in the form of heat, brings warmth and stimulation to all the systems within the body. Without the light of the sun, nothing would thrive on this planet. When there is disruption in the fire element, we experience apathy and a lack of forward motion. It is the difference between living in darkness or in living within the light. When this element is stable, we are filled with enthusiasm and joy. 

Water: Our bodies are composed of 70 percent water. This water, in the form of bodily fluid, creates vitality and harmony through our blood and bodily secretions. Water is needed within the body for all the systems to run effectively and efficiently. When the water element is blocked, we feel disconnected to the divine and alone in the world. When this element is in its proper proportion, our lives flow effortlessly. 

Earth: Earth gives our bodies shape through bones, tissues, muscles, skin, and hair. Without balance in the earth element, we experience disruption in our ability to feel grounded and capable in our lives. When this element is balanced, we experience support in all our endeavors. 

To have a life where opportunity flows to you freely, whether it is through loving relationships, possibilities for advancement, or self-expression, the first thing to do is to free up the energy in the heart of your life, your home.

Clear Clutter to Attract Positive Energy

How does clutter impact your life?

Clutter happens to the best of us. Whether we live in a multi-million dollar home or a tiny apartment, we’re all, at times, victims of our own clutter. Some people keep everything: pieces of paper, old diaries, every notebook from school, Christmas cards, birthday cards, broken or unused items...they just don’t know how to separate themselves the stuff in their lives. What are you holding onto? Now is the time to free up the energy. Here’s why:

Clutter is an impediment to creating a loving relationships and attracting the positive energy needed to magnetize prosperity. Studies have shown, and common sense confirms, that people who live in clutter-free environments are more productive and enjoy a better quality of life. The mind responds to a cluttered environment with disorganized thinking and poor decisions. For instance, if you feel that your relationships lack passion or you don’t feel inspired or productive, you possibly have clutter in the southeast (more on the directions and clutter below).

The impact that clutter has on you and your life is similar to the energy that stagnates in ponds or a river with many switchbacks. These eddies of stuck energy make you feel tired and muddies your thinking, so that it’s difficult to see opportunities for love or success when they arise. Clutter also prevents you from experiencing the joy of free and easy movement, and can make it difficult to experience happiness freely blossoming in your future. 


What can you do to eliminate clutter and stress from your environment?

We suggest that you eliminate any clutter or items that you haven’t needed or used in the last year. As you go through every room, toss out old magazines, newspapers, junk mail and sort through any accumulated piles of stuff. Although you may feel initially fearful or overwhelmed, you can have fun with this and see it as exciting. What if we told you that some people who haven’t been able to lose weight actually start losing it when they unload the “stuff” that has been building up in their home. Would that help you get excited? Or others who have low vitality start feeling more energized? It’s true! Just imagine what your story will be when you clear out the stuff in your life that’s been weighing you down. 


Organize and store your paid bills, contracts, and important files and place them in a closet or storage area in the southwest area of your home or workspace. Simplify and make the places where you spend so much of your time (your home, office, or workspace) a place where items are organized, neat, and easy to find. Sell or give to charity any unused, unnecessary, or outdated items. If you have a home with property, go through your garage, out buildings, unused or old gardening equipment, and also remove piles of debris. Remember, your junk may be someone else’s treasure.

When you save things for the future, you are not trusting that the universe will provide for you. Clearing clutter will bring you an amazing amount of supportive energy, generating opportunities to allow new things to come forward into your life. If you feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the prospect of clutter-clearing, start by committing to organize a single drawer each day, and move on from there. And, from now on, when you purchase something ask yourself, “Do I love this? Does it bring me joy and uplift my spirit? Does it complement my personality? Will it fit the character of my home, room, workspace, or desk?” If you find yourself hesitating, you most likely don’t need it. 

Clutter and the Directions

It’s interesting to note where you store your clutter, because the direction it’s in has a strong influence on your relationships and your prosperity. 

Wherever the clutter is found it constricts the energy needed for forward motion. Clutter is just another form of stagnation that limits life-force energy, blocking potential happiness in the form of love, grace, and joy. When the flow of energy is blocked it limits the opportunity for growth and expansion. When the obstructions are removed, you flourish. Eliminating the clutter in these directions strengthens your desires and opens the door for success to enter.

Each direction is associated with a planet in our solar system and together they have a strong influence over the love and prosperity you want in life. When you clear the clutter in any direction it brings fresh, positive energy in and opens the door to fulfillment.

1. In the northwest direction, the Moon influences your communication and your ability to ask for what you want in relationships, leading to more harmonious connections. It also affects stability in the mind that aids in determining opportunities for prosperity.

2. In the north, Mercury influences the expansion of prosperity and abundance, as well as growth and intimacy in your relationships.

3. In the northeast, Jupiter influences the quality of your spiritual development needed to attract opportunities of a higher nature and it also affects the depth of sincerity in your relationships.

4. In the east, the Sun influences the health of your relationships and opens up avenues of opportunities to your prosperity.

5. In the southeast, Venus influences passion, energy, and enthusiasm for intimate relationships to thrive. It brings the fire of determination to your financial success.

6. In the south, Mars influences your advancement in career and your ability to discern opportunities in intimate relationships.

7. In the southwest, Rahu, a planetary node of the Moon, influences attraction and the ability to maintain healthy, supportive relationships. It also affects your financial stability.

8. In the west, Saturn influences your innate creativity; your originality and uniqueness within intimate relationships, as well as your ability to think outside the box in new business ventures.

9. The center area of your home is the navel, your connection to the divine. It influences your success in all the areas of your life. The energy from the center feeds your most intimate relationships and serves as fuel for your prosperity. 

Taking the steps to clear clutter is necessary for opening yourself to the energy of opportunity and transformation. Over the years, so many people have remarked to us how quickly they feel the difference. If at any time you feel stuck with this process, ask a friend to help you, or hire someone who is not attached to the stuff in your life that weighs you down until the clutter is cleared.

Homework Assignment


What’s important is that you begin. Begin now! Clearing clutter can be an on-going activity. Make a commitment to doing at least 10 minutes of clutter-clearing a day until the clutter is cleared. Write down in a journal how it feels after each clutter-clearing session. Pay special attention to any changes or opportunities that come your way associated with the direction of the clutter you cleared. 

We’ll be eliminating further stress in your environment in the next lesson, a different type of stress that can also affect your ability to enjoy life and find fulfillment and love.

* * *

The elements of all things, whatever their mode, observe an inner order. It is this

form that makes the universe resemble God.