Creative Celebration

Updated: Jul 2

This month is about celebrating dreams, visions, and new beginnings as the energy picks up...

It's time to let go of the heaviness and frustrations of the past we all encountered throughout the Spring and open to the birthing of our new individual and collective visions and dreams. The gathering of energy and clarity needed to move ideas forward is more available now as we move out of the shadow of Mercury Retrograde.

To encourage this birthing you need your joy, your creativity, and to release yourself from self-imposed restrictions and agreements from this life and past lives where you allowed others to lead, where you have been or were the follower. Your authentic nature, your particular flavor of uniqueness, is needed now more than ever. See each door closing as an opening for what is coming into being, for what is to be birthed in the Fall. This energy shifts us into action, planning, and being open to opportunities for deepening our knowledge of who we are and our life purpose.

Building stronger connections to your unseen energetic allies will also support your forward motion, so take that precious time each morning, and go within...listen and feel the promptings coming in whispers, sensations, and scents of sweetness. We’ve been waiting, anticipating, digging deep, healing, reassembling, recreating, realigning, and now is the time to dance, celebrate, create and experience the divine feminine creative force that lives through you and wants a voice and a seat at the table. Together, let us joyously embrace and support one is all happening NOW!!!

Now is the time to test your creative connection and energetic wings, releasing the restrictions of acquiescence, confusion, trauma and anger that has blocked your power, knowing you are guided and protected. Make plans, initiate action, take steps and stretch to see what happens from this forward motion. Something may begin to bloom now, or the fertile ground may appear fallow until the Fall, but whether it is apparent or not, it is time to begin, to act as if, and to trust.

This is a courageous moment as we still face uncertainty and doubt fueled by the planetary influences of Jupiter and Saturn retrogrades that will continue well into the Fall months. But, the shift in energy from Mercury going direct cannot be denied. With Venus and Mars in Cancer, we can still expect emotional upheavals in our personal lives and collectively, but we must stay committed to looking towards the positive and choosing love instead of fear.

This new paradigm may seem familiar --we've felt inklings of it in the corners of our minds, had dreams about it, felt in our bones. You possibly have attempted to initiate these dreams before, but felt unsupported in some way. Maybe it wasn't the right timing then, yet your heart yearns to embrace what you once thought was only a daydream, a longing in your heart. Do you trust that now is the time to move forward?

These are energies we’re working with this week...all things happening in that rarefied, subtle energy of bringing thought into form. This energy has a frequency that is needed to birth ideas. This frequency is similar to the energy on an altar where the sum total of the elements in their proper placement have the potential to create transformation. We are individually and collectively beginning to fine-tune our visions and purpose as the momentum picks up.

We’re on a wild ride with distractions and uncertainty swirling around us, but if we hold true to our desire for clarity, and trust the guidance of our better angels, we can step through the maya -- the illusion of uncertainty -- and piece our way forward into our vision, into our destiny.

Daily Rituals for Forward Movement:

1. Small, consistent steps forward, guided by grace will bring you closer to your heart’s desires.

2. Be consistent with your commitments to your spiritual practices.

3. Observe the potential within the mind to focus on problems, uncertainty, and negativity. Awareness of this tendency brings discernment. Choose discernment.

Mantras to enhance our life purpose

Mantra: Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha

Phonetic: Om Gung (like "rung") Gana-pot-tea-yay Na-ma-ha

Use this mantra daily for protection and to remove the obstacles to your forward movement.

Mantra: Om Namah Shivaya

Phonetic: Om Na-ma She-vai-ya

This powerful mantra balances the five elements within you...

Na sound represents earth

Ma sound represents water

Śi sound represents fire

sound represents Pranic air

Ya sound represents sky or ether

Mantra: Om Saraswati Devye Namaha

Phonetic: Om Sara-swa-tea Dave-yay Na-ma-ha

Saraswati is a powerful aid to a deeper form of meditation. Feeling her presence is said to encourage greater insight and creativity while also boosting levels of intuition.

Special Announcements

Heads up: We’ve been developing a NEW website platform over the past few months and it's about ready to launch early in July! We’re very excited! So if you notice any glitches (which we hope you don’t), OR anything that needs tweaking, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Coming soon!

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Specials of the Month

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I sincerely hope you've enjoyed reading my blogs! I'd love to hear if they are inspiring and supporting you, so please leave your comments...

Until next time, continue to shine brightly!


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